What can you do right now?
Buy tokens below cost until launch day. Write them to your wallet.
Freeze tokens in 1 of the available exchanges and start using after launch
Be one of the first test participants and receive additional bonuses.
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Q: Will I be able to transfer tokens after the purchase?
No, you can transfer, change tokens only after the official launch of the platform.
Q: What can I do after the purchase?
After purchasing tokens, you will have the opportunity to become one of the first testers of the platform, test all the chips and get rewarded for finding bugs and also contribute your ideas, which will be considered and possibly will be included in the second release.
Q: How to buy tokens?
The purchase of tokens proceeds in 3 steps, after which you will go to the personal account of the platform and will be able to change and use after the official launch.
Official launch of the platform:
23 october 2019